Mickey and the Snake Oil Boys


“Have you heard of the rockin’ honky tonk band Mickey &The Snake Oil Boys? You will.The name probably conjures up thoughts of the seedy snake oil salesmen than ran roughshod over late 19th century simpletons Those scoundrels may have inspired these S.O.B.’s name just a little bit. The words to “Who I Am” read like a desperado’s manifesto. “My face is like a road map that points the way to sin” is one of its cooler lyrical gems. Clearly these troubadours aren’t to be trifled with, but before you think that Mickey &The Snake Oil Boys are completely unrepentant, you should know that deep inside, honorable things do matter to them. They hold dear things like family &friendship, and you’ll come away with a better understanding of that after you hear “Southern Comfort”. The music of Mickey &The Snake Oil Boys has its roots in classic country, bluegrass and the soundtracks of the old ‘spaghetti Westerns’ Fans in Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania have already succumbed to the charm”
— Paul “ozz” Oslund, FB

Mickey and the Snake Oil Boys

Mickey - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Greer - Guitar, Vocals
Al Sak - Drums, Vocals
Mo Nelson - Bass, Vocals